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Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our platform!

Carbon Calculator

A carbon footprint is a total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, business or event, impacting our enviroment – mainly climate change. Carbon footprint is measured in a unit call a carbon dioxide equivalent, or CO2e. The greenhouse gases identified in the Kyoto Protocol dictate the intensity that each gas contributes to the carbon footprint of each person / business. A carbon footprint sums up the total of all the greenhouse gas emissions generated from an event or product.

A carbon calculator is a tool that is used to quantify a carbon footprint. Green-0-meter calculator is unique, utilizing GHG protocol, UNFCCC and other methodologies for quantification. We use the most up-to-date and relevant information to create an accurate representation of the emissions each person / business generates.

Individuals and Families
Many activities cause the generation of greenhouse gases, which contribute one’s carbon footprint. For individuals, we focusee primarily on the sources of emissions that are adequately documented from European Commission resources; that of vehicle emissions, energy, various fuels and natural gas consumption. See our calculator methodology for more details.

Business and Industry
For our business clients, the situation is a bit more complex. We are using b2b specific calculators, including more than 10.000 potential emitators and always adjusting our calcultors to fit industry specifics of ou clients. Working with our expert staff and certified GHG accountants, organizations can identify specific activities that create carbon emissions. Contact us if you have additional questions.

Yes! You can proactively purchase a carbon offset, certain criteria and standards must be adopted in a manner that takes into account such things as leakage, permanence, additionality and unique ownership among others (see our definitions section for more details on these terms). Our experts and GHG accountants are ready to help you on your journey.
In paralel you can also recude you carbon footprint by applying a variety of saving mechanisms – from more efficitent lightbults, smarter facility managements or leveraging “green energy” our experts are ready to help you.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are real and verified reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Offset purchasers are taking immediate action on climate change by being responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions they are unable to reduce. Offsets can be created when projects are undertaken to permanently reduce GHG emissions such as building retrofits, reduced consumption of fossil fuels, or the displacement of non-renewables into energy sources such as wind and solar. Offsets can also be created through the sequestration of carbon into forests, however these offsets should be adequately verified to take into account Permanence, Additionality, Accurate Quantification, and Verified. Projects that are mandated by law, have a strong return on investment or would have proceeded in the normal course of business, do not qualify as offsets. Offsets must be “additional”, which ensures the project that created them would not have occurred without the funding provided by the sale of the GHG reductions.

Please see our “Offset projects” section for more information on currenlty offered projects, certifications we are leveraging and cost calculation.

Carbon neutral means contributing net zero addition of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. To claim carbon neutrality, it doesn’t mean producing no emissions, but the net addition of emissions into the atmosphere is zero. This is primarily achieved through the purchase of carbon offsets.

It is possible to become carbon neutral without offsetting, but to do so will most likely be very difficult and/or prohibitively costly. The reality of today’s world is that any energy use, including heating, cooling, electricity and transportation, emits carbon at some point. Though it is possible to provide transportation and energy completely carbon free, to do so would require technologies that are unaffordable or do not yet exist.

It depends. If you are an individual, then the emissions that you offset cannot be claimed as a tax expense. However, if you are offsetting any component of your business, then you can claim the carbon offsets as a business expense. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Global Forest Platfrom

Usually, all offset projects are created by project managers, specialized companies take care of all the regulatory requirements, administration, project cost management etc. There is only a limited possibility for individuals to physically participate as many of these projects are located in Asia, Africa or other distant areas. 

Our platform aims to brigde this gap by providing an option to plant a tree, which only requires limited land usage and can be performed by literally anyone. After you plant your tree, you can take a photo and upload the tree, incl. gps coordinated to our platform. Already in the first year, your tree will start generating carbon credits, starting with a few drops but growing each year.

Register on our platform, plant a tree and get going 🙂

Once you plant a tree, the tree will pass through a verification process. Once verified, based on the tree age and tree type, CO2 equivalent capture will be calculated by our platform. 

Once in a while, we might kindly ask you to provide an additional photo and share the progress your tree has made in order to increase the Carbon credits generated by your tree.

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