Amazon Rainforest Protection


Over 151,105 hectares (373,388 acres) of forest area protected. Prevents 3,000 hectares from being deforested per annum.



Why did we choose this project?

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most precious and diverse natural resources on the planet, but also one of the most vulnerable to disappear for commercial purposes. The location of the project makes it an ideal area to be protected, standing at the edge of the deforestation frontier: about 95 percent of all deforestation occurs within 50 kilometers of highways or roads. The government plans a highway to go through the project area – this project is the last defense to prevent destruction. The project builds up the local community’s capacity to monitor and evacuate loggers. The project is part of the award-winning sustainability programs of Allcot, with more than 10 years of experience in forestry project management and training that help deliver sustainable development to the local communities served.

What is my impact?

Over 151,105 hectares (373,388 acres) of forest area protected. Prevents 3,000 hectares from being deforested per annum. For every hectare of land (the size of a Rugby field) not cut down or used for cattle pasture, there are 500 tons of CO2 stored in trees (above and below ground). Provides Sustainable Development to the Local population: over 400 families will no longer fear being displaced. By contributing to the project, you empower the local people to protect the forest. The amount of reduction in emissions through avoidance for the entire project is 553,273 tons of CO2 per year. Prevention of net emissions over the project lifetime of 40 years is more than 20 million tons of CO2.

How do we verify the impact?

This project has been independently verified in accordance with the Verified Carbon Standard. You can view at anytime the public project page and offset credit retirement history below. Verra was founded in 2005 by environmental and business leaders who saw the need for greater quality assurance in voluntary carbon markets. Verra serves now as a secretariat for the various standards it develops and programs it manages, as well as having an incubator for new ideas that can generate meaningful environmental and social value at scale.


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