COP26-what’s ahead of us

From October 31st till November 12th, Glasgow will be the centre of the world for climate change mitigation. All the representatives of 195 signatory countries of the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) which was signed in the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 will be present there to discuss and review how are we doing in […]

EU Sustainability Taxonomy — On the path to business sustainability

In order to meet its 2030 climate and energy targets as defined in the European Green Deal, the European Commission has set out to align definitions, reporting and companies’ objectives with its Taxonomy for sustainable activities. It is a list of economic activities with performance criteria to assess the activities’ contribution toward six environmental objectives aiming to achieve EU toward climate […]

Companies finding the Greemium sweetspot

Although a lot has been written about the positive impact of sustainable practices on the environment, the material impact of such practices on companies’ balance sheets and P&Ls has remained overshadowed. The question therefore is, can sustainable practices have a positive material impact on companies’ financial performance? Although there are undoubtedly many various ways how […]

Is your company more sustainable than the other one? Who knows, they both follow a different reporting standard. That is about to change…

The Global warming is indisputably the key topic of the 21st century which is impacting all of us. However, the common understanding across the globe of the key levers that are either increasing or reducing the amount of Green House Gases in the atmosphere remains scarce. What is not helping to improve the common understanding […]