Top 10 ESG tools for companies

Green0meter - state of art - dashboard providing all necessary info in one place.
Green0meter CO2 dashboard via

We live in the era of tangible climate impacts on our way of life, on our economy and on our society. Given that the climate change is a pressing topic, the speed of innovation in the sustainability sector has picked up its pace. One of the fastest growing areas within the sustainability sector is data gathering and reporting.

In order for companies to be fully able to act in accordance with their climate impacts, they must efficiently gather, process, report and use sustainability and ESG data.

There are multiple tools on the market, that can help them do just that. The tools share similar characteristics, such as:

  • Data gathering through surveys and APIs
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting functionalities for the world’s leading sustainability reporting agencies: SASBCDPGRIDJSINFRDGRESBSECR

On the other hand, some tools distinguish themselves with additional features such as:

  • Report drill-downs
  • Meter readings for data gathering
  • Benchmarking data
  • Goals tracking

Generally, the tools share enterprise-wide features that allow companies to measure, track, and act more sustainably.

IDNameLinkSpecialisationComplianceReportingDesignWidth of servicesRank
1Metrio platformSASB, CDP, GRI, DJSI, MSCI, GRESB910827
2Accuvio platformSASB, CDP, GRI, DJSI, NFRD, GRESB, SECR108826
3Plan.A.Earth plansSASB, CDP710623
4Enablon & ComplianceSASB, CDP78621
5Diligent & monitoring510520
6Locustec platformCDP, GRI, TCR86620
7Planetly managementN/A110516
8Emex safetyN/A18615
9Green0meter, carbon creditsSASB37515
10Navex platformN/A18615

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