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Green0meter client spotlight: ComAp's journey to becoming a CSRD implementation leader

Client profile 


ComAp specializes in smart control solutions for power generation and energy management, fostering the world's transition to sustainable energy. They provide innovative services for various applications and industries, focusing on the shift to clean energy. ComAp offers a range of products, including controllers, remote displays, switchgear control, and protection equipment, with a strong commitment to sustainability, customer-centric approaches, and continuous innovation. Operating globally, ComAp has a significant presence in multiple countries and boasts over 30 years of experience in the smart power control market. 

Objective of cooperation 


As ComAp falls under the CSRD scope, the collaboration aimed to enhance the company’s ESG efforts, ensuring alignment with legislative requirements and proposed the vision for company’s ESG strategy.  

"Just as we want to lead by example within our industry in terms of energy transition, we also want to lead by example in terms of ESG compliance. We wanted to be ahead of the regulation in order to learn, improve and achieve excellence, and we are happy to have found Gree0meter, who proved to be the right partner for us. The issue is new and dynamic, so we needed to be flexible and collaborative, and that worked very well with Green0meter."
Barbora Vajnarová, Marketing Communications & CSR Manager, ComAp


Green0meter provided the following services: 


  • Complete CSRD preparation, EU Taxonomy mapping, and Double materiality assessment. 

  • Company Carbon Footprint calculation for Scopes 1, 2, and 3. 

  • Product Carbon Footprint calculation. 

  • Proposal of sustainability vision, initiatives and KPIs 


Project Duration and Flow 


The six-month collaboration involved data collection, taxonomy mapping, and ESG strategy formulation. Despite the anticipated challenges, data collection from both HQ and subsidiaries was accomplished in under two months. Alizée Dubois, CSR Manager at ComAp, praised Green0meter's user-friendly platform and support. 


The project faced challenges, particularly in mapping the environmental impact of products within the EU Taxonomy, due to indirect contact with end-users. This required a meticulous approach to categorizing each product's application and sustainability quotient. The results sparked internal discussions across ComAp's global branches, highlighting differing perceptions of sustainable investments. 


Before EFRAG published its guidelines, ComAp, with Green0meter's assistance, proactively performed the double materiality assessment. This effort, supported by Karel Kotoun, laid the groundwork for the ESG strategy and identified critical data points for the CSRD report. The stakeholder engagement initiated by this assessment was particularly valuable. 

Key Results and Insights


  • Emissions breakdown: Analysis showed 0.9% in Scope 1, 1.2% in Scope 2, and 97.9% in Scope 3 emissions, underscoring the importance of Scope 3 tracking. 

  • Taxonomy-eligible products: ComAp is poised to increase revenue from such businesses, aligning with their strategy for sustainable energy control solutions. 

  • Health and Safety: ComAp's procedures and training highlighted their excellence in this area. However, a need for improvement in Diversity indicators was identified, a common issue in engineering sectors. This will be a focus for ComAp’s HR team in 2024. 

  • CSRD leadership: ComAp is well-positioned as a CSRD implementation leader, thanks to its transition strategy and Green0meter’s support. Green0meter's digital platform, noted for its intuitiveness and comprehensive coverage, was particularly lauded. 


Evaluation of cooperation


Green0meter helped define our sustainability vision and key E-S-G focus areas. We see transformation potential in our value chain, from quick-win actions like reducing product packaging and switching to biodegradable materials, to more complex ones like product circularity. The analysis revealed that the most significant GHG emissions contributor is the production of our controllers by suppliers, guiding our decarbonization initiatives towards specific, influential suppliers. Green0meter’s recommendations spurred immediate internal discussions and concrete actions to reduce our environmental impact.” 
Alizée Dubois, CSR Manager, ComAp

Why Green0meter?


Green0meter's expertise in data and AI for sustainable transitions makes them an ideal partner. They offer tools and methodologies for in-depth ESG strategy development, a user-friendly data management platform, and expert consultancy for CSRD compliance. 


Next steps for ComAp 


Building on this successful collaboration, ComAp will continue working with Green0meter in 2024, focusing on data collection, publishing their first CSR report, and implementing their ESG strategy and initiatives to secure their position as a CSRD implementation leader. 


Now is the best time to start your CSRD preparation


Begin your CSRD implementation journey with Green0meter, your partner in navigating ESG compliance and strategy complexities. Contact us for a transformation experience akin to ComAp's, driven by data, innovation, and commitment to a sustainable future. 

Photo credit: ComAp


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