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  • Creating a Green0meter account
    Go to: and click on "Create new account" which will take you to: Fill in your personal and company details and select your NACE code from the drop down. Select the features you want to use Green0meter for (CO2, ESG, CSRD, SFDR). Create your password and start using Green0meter!
  • Setting up organization structure
    Log-in to the Green0meter via: Click on "Account" section in the left menu: Validate your credentials and personal detail on the "General" tab. Set up your organization structure via the "Subsidiaries" tab. You can select from multiple options from: - Subsidiary - Supplier - Asset - Fund - Client Then select the right product that you want to use for a third party. You can check your organization design on the tab "Org Chart": You can also see a simplified tutorial here:
  • Changing Password
    Go to "Account": Select the tab "Security" and change your password.
  • Adding and managing users
    Go to the "Users" section, category "All" in the left menu: Click "Add" to add a new user Fill in the user details and assign the right role: - Owner: sees and manages the entire account including all submissions and 3rd parties - Manager: sees and manages the assigned account and its 3rd parties - Respondent: sees only the assigned questions, cannot recalculate answers - Viewer: sees only results, cannot submit answers for recalculation Assign the selected subsidiary to the user. You can also assign the master to the selected user. After you save the user, click on it and assign the master account.
  • Assigning questions and groups of questions to users
    You can also assign specific questions to specific users to make them fill only the questions assigned to them. Go to "Form Assignment" in the left menu: Select the desired form. Then assign either the entire group of questions or a specific question to your selected user. Don't forget to save the selection at the bottom of the form. You can find the full walkthrough here too:
  • Switching between organizations
    If you have multiple entities assigned to your user profile, you can switch between them with the switcher under the company logo. This will open the 3rd party portal which has limited features and serves as a unique portal for your created 3rd party.
  • Reports
    You can find all the generated reports in the reports section here: Dashboard: Reports | Green0Meter
  • CO2 Data Gathering
    To start providing answers to CO2 questions, you have 3 options: - CO2 Form - CO2 Excel Upload - CO2 Invoices For the CO2 Form, click on the rollup "Forms" and select the CO2 form: The form is automatically saved, so don't worry you will not lose any of your submitted data. For the Excel upload option, go to: Download the Excel file, fill it in and click on "Upload." The platform will process your input accordingly. For the invoice upload, just select your Electricity, Water or Utilities invoices and the platform will process them. You will find the processed data in the "CO2 Forms" section:
  • CO2 Dashboard
    After submission of either the Form, Excel, Invoices, you will see the results on: You can filter through your subsidiaries, years or GHG Scopes by clicking the dropdown. You can also find automatically-generated recommendations at the bottom of the page. You can see the charts in detail and also download individual data by clicking on the "Focus mode."
  • CO2 Recommendations
    After each recalculation, you will see personalized recommendations on how you can reduce your own carbon footprint.
  • CO2 Subsidiaries View
    When you create subsidiaries here: Dashboard: Account | Green0Meter you can then find the results for each subsidiary compared with one another at the bottom of the CO2 dashboard: Dashboard: CO2 Summary | Green0Meter.
  • Update or change emission factors
    You can update the used emission factors here: Methodology | Green0Meter. Click on Emission Factors and then on "Edit Emission Factors" A new window appears which will enable you to set any desirable emission factor. The Excel is saved automatically. No need to save it when you edit it online.
  • Audit request
    If you want to have your results audited, go here: Methodology | Green0Meter and then click on "Audit." The platform will generate and audit request with a ZIP package to the desired auditor.
  • CO2 goals setting
    To set your goals, you can go here: Upload | Green0Meter Click on "CO2 goals" which will open up an online table where you will be able to set your individual goals. The table is saved automatically when edited online.
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