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Sustainable Procurement
in the ČSOB group

powered by Green0meter

About Green Procurement 

Green Procurement is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it's about responsibility towards our planet and future generations. The ČSOB Group is aware of its role in society and strives to ensure that its activities are sustainable and respect the principles of environmental protection. The transition to a more sustainable business is not only an ethical choice, but becomes a key factor for long-term success and competitiveness in the market.

Why Green0meter

Green0meter is an innovative online application that has been specially designed to facilitate the collection of the necessary data and guide you through the entire process of determining and reporting your carbon footprint. With its help, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the carbon footprint issue and discover effective ways to reduce your emissions. Green0meter is intuitive, simple to use and based on the latest technologies and methodologies in accordance with international standards.

How to start with Green0meter

You can create an account on Green0meter by click on the button below and registering on the platform. Immediately after your registration a member of the Green0meter staff will get in touch with you to find the right product, either Company Carbon Footprint, Product Carbon Footprint, Carbon Tax, CSRD reporting or other personalized services. You will be able to use the platform hassle-free to submit ESG-related data to ČSOB when requested during the procurement process.

Try out the platform for 7-days for free or jump on a call with our team
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