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Obtaining subsidies from the European Union for energy savings through Green0meter Studio

The importance of energy savings

Energy savings play a key role in the fight against climate change and sustainable development. The industrial and energy sectors are responsible for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, so it is imperative that these sectors take action to reduce their carbon footprint. Energy savings not only help the environment, but also reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of companies.

The European Union and Renewable Resources

The European Union pays considerable attention to supporting projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency. Various funds and subsidies are used for this, including the Modernization Fund, which is intended for the greening of industrial enterprises involved in the EU ETS (Emission Trading System).

Green0meter Studio and obtaining subsidies

Green0meter Studio offers a simple and effective solution for companies that want to apply for subsidies for energy saving projects from the European Union. Thanks to the certified calculation of the carbon footprint and cooperation with experts and certification bodies, the company can clearly demonstrate its reduction in emissions and the achievement of more sustainable operating procedures.

Types of projects supported by European funds

1. Improving energy efficiency: Support for projects that increase the efficiency of energy use and reduce the energy intensity of production and industrial processes.

2. Use of renewable energy sources: Financing of projects that involve the use of renewable energy sources, for example photovoltaic power plants or the use of biomass.

3. Modernization of industrial processes: Support for projects that modernize industrial processes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings: Financing projects that reduce the energy demand of industrial buildings.

Procedure for obtaining subsidies

Companies can apply for subsidies from the Modernization Fund via the Green0meter Studio platform. The procedure includes:

1. Registration on the platform: The company registers on Green0meter Studio and starts the subsidy application.

2. Certified carbon footprint calculation: The company cooperates with the platform on a certified carbon footprint calculation, which proves the reduction of emissions.

3. Application submission: The company submits an application for a subsidy to the Modernization Fund.

4. Approval and financing: After the application is approved, the company will receive financial support for its energy saving project.


Obtaining subsidies from the European Union for energy savings has become easier and more efficient thanks to the Green0meter Studio platform. Companies can use a certified carbon footprint calculation to support their projects aimed at reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency. Thanks to the Modernization Fund, companies have a new opportunity to invest in sustainable development and contribute to environmental protection.


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