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Carbon neutral beers

Czech breweries are turning to innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon-neutral., a Czech company that offers services to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is helping breweries achieve their sustainability goals in accordance with international standards such as ISO 14067, ISO 14064, GHG Protocol, and others.

With the aim of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and becoming carbon-neutral, Czech breweries can now avail themselves of a range of services from These services include assessing the carbon footprint, identifying key areas for emission reduction, selecting appropriate strategies to reduce emissions, and monitoring and verifying carbon neutrality. The company's services meet the highest sustainability standards, such as ISO 14067, ISO 14064, and GHG Protocol.

Czech breweries are also presented with new opportunities to offer sustainable beer to their customers. In countries such as the UK, labels are already available that indicate the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced. Additionally, there are carbon-neutral beers, such as Brewdog, available in such countries. This trend is slowly spreading to other countries, and enables Czech breweries to join the trend and become part of this sustainable movement.

Furthermore, offers Czech breweries tools and resources to improve their processes and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, the company provides technical reports, such as the Alcoholic Beverages - Brewing: Sustainable Brewing Technical Report, which outlines technologies and procedures for sustainable brewing.

Czech breweries that want to utilize's services and become carbon-neutral can visit the company's website for more information and to schedule a consultation. believes that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting sustainable brewing is crucial to protecting the environment and securing the future of our planet.


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